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Online Whiteboard for the PMP Exam

How to use an Online Whiteboard for the PMP Exam?

Apr 27, 2022 • 4 mins read
How to use an Online Whiteboard for the PMP Exam?
Amit Masih
Amit Masih


As an aspiring PMP, you have to learn several rules laid by PMI. And if you are aiming for the online proctored exam, then the rules are slightly different from that of the exam at the testing center. Out of the various points, knowing how to use the online whiteboard for the PMP exam is one, as you are not allowed any physical item like paper, pen, or pencil during the exam.

Using the whiteboard during the OnVUE exam

You can find the whiteboard icon at the top of the screen during the exam. Click on it to access it. Whiteboard can be used for scratch work. There are two areas, one for text work and the other for free-form drawing.

It is recommended to practice working with the whiteboard before the exam to avoid confusion during the test.

Visit: Online Whiteboard for Practice

What can be done with the Online Whiteboard?

With the online whiteboard, you can:

  • Input text
  • Draw a variety of lines and shapes
  • Move or resize the whiteboard on your computer screen
  • Erase or clear to start afresh

However, your entire work remains available till the exam ends, even if the board is closed, and you can access it whenever you want. You can open and close the board as many times as you wish. The only condition your work gets lost when connectivity is lost.

Whiteboard Tools

Drawing, Text, Erase, and Selection Tools:

Pen, eraser, line, rectangle, circle, text, free shape, pan (view tool for vertical and horizontal movement across the drawing area), and eyedropper (color detection tool)

Color Tools:

Stroke color, fill color, background

Undo/Redo: You can go backward or forward but only one step at a time. Zoom in/out: Zoom buttons to enlarge or reduce the view. Clear Workspace: To wipe everything on the board to start something new.

Important Note:

You can only use the whiteboard’s drawing features with a mouse or trackpad. If you have a touchscreen computer or a laptop, you can land in a problem. You cannot use a stylus, your finger, or any other writing device for drawing or writing on the whiteboard screen. Also, as you can use only one PC or laptop, you cannot connect the whiteboard with any writing tablet or pad.

Final Words

Whiteboard is not difficult to use. However, if you do not practice using the online whiteboard for the PMP exam, you might face trouble using it for the first time during the exam. So, practice working with it till you are confident before the final exam.

Also, there are other precautions you need to take and rules to follow during the PMP online proctored exam. Be sure to read them carefully.

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Amit Masih
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